Fun Things to Do in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is the twelfth largest area in the United States of America, spanning 86,939 square miles. It is one of the healthiest states, and also has one of the highest literacy rates in the country. The twin cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis are home to more than half the state’s population, thus leaving the sparsely populated countryside available for suburban lifestyles, and more importantly, the state’s agriculture.

Minnesota is also home to a wide host of activities, and has a healthy tourist industry. First and foremost, the state is known for its affinity with sports. Minnesota has men’s teams in all major sports. The metro is especially famous for at least three of its sports stadiums: Target Field, Target Center, and Xcel Energy Center. A new stadium is also currently under construction to replace the old Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

Minnesotans have a reputation as outdoorsmen, and this part of their culture is obvious in their weekend activities. The northern half of Minnesota in particular attracts many fitness enthusiasts, as the region is largely dedicated to recreation. The state is dotted with good places for boaters, canoeists, kayakers, and fishermen. One of the most popular water activities is water skiing; a sport which originated in Minnesota. It shouldn’t be surprising that Minnesota is fond of water sports however, as there are over 11,000 lakes dotting the territory.

Come winter, many Minnesotans do not cease their outdoor spirit. Even tourists who come in the summer have reason to return in the winter, when lakes freeze over and the people turn to ice hockey, ice skiing, and ice fishing. Some facilities even sport snowboarding equipment and snow tubes for extreme sports athletes.

The intimacy between Minnesotans and the outdoors has also turned much of the population into environmentalists in their own right. Surroundings are almost always spotless, allowing even busier parts of the metro to look pleasing to the eyes. The state is also proud of its natural parks such as Niagara Cave; located in Harmony, and sporting a sixty-foot waterfall, a diverse collection of fossils, and even a wedding chapel. Larger parks include forest reserves such as the Superior Natural Forest, the Chippewa Natural Forest, and the Hill River State Forest. The southern half of the state boasts Amish communities that are always welcome to tourists.

Of course, not everyone is as capable as others of staying outdoors for too long. Minnesota is a great place to unwind as well, taking things indoors at the Mall of America. This massive complex hosts hundreds of stores and entertainment sections including an indoor theme park. A number of zoos and wildlife exhibits are open to the public in many of the cities as well, and art centers such as Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis or the Graffiti Graveyard in Duluth serve to please the more aesthetic personality.

After a day of adventuring and touring, sometimes, it is nice to just unwind and relax. A nice bike ride through the city can cool even the hottest heads in the summer. Some may even take their bikes out at night, or for real enthusiasts, along with them for their tours. Provided the rider follows regulations, Minnesota is one of the safest places in the United States to ride a bicycle.

Minnesota is a place where anyone can literally enjoy anything. Whether one is a rugged outdoor junkie, or a relaxed indoors person more interested in arts and exhibits, the state has something to offer. The only real danger is never wanting to leave again.


I’ve had my ups and downs when it comes to relationships. I used to be a very controlling boyfriend and I wasn’t aware about that back then. I thought that I was just being protective and was being a good boyfriend, but unfortunately, it was the exact opposite. When successive relationships with different girls begin failing of the same reason, then it must really a fault of mine. I’ve worked on it long and hard to accept that all the failed ones were my fault and I learned it the hard way. I was so depressed for a long time as how to get over someone you love was always a question on my mind.

After those failed relationships, I tried accepting that I’ll always be alone, but friends of mine don’t believe that because they told me that I’m a very sweet and caring person. I just don’t know how to channel it in a better way. My friends helped me to stand on my two feet again and start from scratch. They told me that I have nothing to lose and I have everything to gain from this experience.

After a long hiatus from dating, I’ve learned that no failed relationships are a waste of time as it is an opportunity to learn from the past mistakes and never ever do it again. Failed relationships are always the perfect teaching tool as we’ve been badly wounded by it thus we’d never want it to happen again. We should know how to let go of the past and move on to greener pastures. I know it’s going to be hard, but at least you should try. I know, I did and it is one of the best experiences that life has offered me. When I look back at my past, I just see it as a learning experience. I’ve learned to let go all of my bitterness and excess baggage because it just makes us insane with regret, anger and vengeance.

No relationship is perfect so we don’t have no right to point fingers at each other. What’s more important is the willingness to compromise, to learn to be humble, to swallow your pride and always be ready to forgive. It took me a long time to realize that, but I’m glad that I did. Tasha and I have been together for a number of years now and I’m very proud of myself that I’ve really changed for the better. I now realized that it is also needed to let my partner choose for herself too, as it is the individual’s way to grow and mature as a person. I shouldn’t hinder her growth just because I don’t want her to get hurt. Failing doesn’t mean as much, but learning from it is the most important that a person can do in his lifetime.

I hope, this post may help many people who are currently experiencing heartbreaks. Don’t fret because you are not alone. You have friends that will help you go through that process of moving on.

Risky Business

I know that there are lots people who despise their jobs and their bosses because sadly, they are just doing it for the money; they are not working their jobs to the very best of their capabilities thus not having the ability to grow more. I am one of the very fortunate ones to have a job that’s also a passion of mine, so I don’t feel my job as a heavy burden on my back. My business really surprised me as during the early years, I thought of giving up, but a friend of mine named Jake told me not to because he knows of solutions that can help me plan and formulate solutions for low sales income. I’m glad that I never gave up as inch by inch, together, we accomplished what we were aiming for. And because of that, I offered and hired him for a consultancy position. We have set meetings every month to assess our growth and readjust our marketing ploy in the web depending on the trends that we are constantly studying. We decided to hire more people in my business as we need more manpower because of growth.

what causes bunionsI’ve wanted to hire more qualified people in my shop as I am currently facing a problem with one of my staff. His name is Tom, he’s got good people skills and also very hard working, but lately, he has a foot problem which makes him absent at work from time to time. It has been bothering him for the last few weeks. He’s got bunions on his left foot. He asked me what causes bunions and told him that my dad also has that and his bunion was caused by ill fitting shoes. My dad had a hard time searching for the best shoes for bunions. I told him to go get a check up with a podiatrist to know what is exactly wrong with his feet. He had been missing from the shop for five days now and I didn’t have a clue on what happened to him. I hope he is okay, but the problem is the lack of manpower in my business hinders growth. I really need to hire more people faster.

I already posted a for hire sign outside my shop. Jake suggested that I also post for hires online as many people searches for job in there. Jake wasn’t surprised as a number of people applied every hour and it was going to be a tedious job to sort them all out on whose going to be the best person to call for an interview and eventually hire them. It’s funny that some people had a selfie picture with their camera phone instead of getting one at a studio. The impression that they’re giving me is that they don’t take the job seriously. Sorry, but I’m going to pass on them as I’m looking for someone reliable and doesn’t need much assistance in training. After a few hours of sorting, Tom called and told me that he just had an operation. He had his bone spurs shaved off and he was sorry that he didn’t call earlier as left his phone home and was confined in the hospital for 5 days. I wished him well and told him that I am currently reviewing applications for more staff in the shop. I told him not to worry because I won’t replace him; In fact, I want him to handle the sorting and primary interviews. He was so happy about it and told me he can be back for a couple of days.