Month: August 2013

Risky Business

I know that there are lots people who despise their jobs and their bosses because sadly, they are just doing it for the money; they are not working their jobs to the very best of their capabilities thus not having the ability to grow more. I am one of the very fortunate ones to have a job that’s also a passion of mine, so I don’t feel my job as a heavy burden on my back. My business really surprised me as during the early years, I thought of giving up, but a friend of mine named Jake told me not to because he knows of solutions that can help me plan and formulate solutions for low sales income. I’m glad that I never gave up as inch by inch, together, we accomplished what we were aiming for. And because of that, I offered and hired him for a consultancy position. We have set meetings every month to assess our growth and readjust our marketing ploy in the web depending on the trends that we are constantly studying. We decided to hire more people in my business as we need more manpower because of growth.

what causes bunionsI’ve wanted to hire more qualified people in my shop as I am currently facing a problem with one of my staff. His name is Tom, he’s got good people skills and also very hard working, but lately, he has a foot problem which makes him absent at work from time to time. It has been bothering him for the last few weeks. He’s got bunions on his left foot. He asked me what causes bunions and told him that my dad also has that and his bunion was caused by ill fitting shoes. My dad had a hard time searching for the best shoes for bunions. I told him to go get a check up with a podiatrist to know what is exactly wrong with his feet. He had been missing from the shop for five days now and I didn’t have a clue on what happened to him. I hope he is okay, but the problem is the lack of manpower in my business hinders growth. I really need to hire more people faster.

I already posted a for hire sign outside my shop. Jake suggested that I also post for hires online as many people searches for job in there. Jake wasn’t surprised as a number of people applied every hour and it was going to be a tedious job to sort them all out on whose going to be the best person to call for an interview and eventually hire them. It’s funny that some people had a selfie picture with their camera phone instead of getting one at a studio. The impression that they’re giving me is that they don’t take the job seriously. Sorry, but I’m going to pass on them as I’m looking for someone reliable and doesn’t need much assistance in training. After a few hours of sorting, Tom called and told me that he just had an operation. He had his bone spurs shaved off and he was sorry that he didn’t call earlier as left his phone home and was confined in the hospital for 5 days. I wished him well and told him that I am currently reviewing applications for more staff in the shop. I told him not to worry because I won’t replace him; In fact, I want him to handle the sorting and primary interviews. He was so happy about it and told me he can be back for a couple of days.