Month: February 2014

Silly Quarrels

My girlfriend Tasha is having problems with her scalp this summer because of the strong heat of the sun has been drying her hair and her scalp. She told me that it has been so itchy, so she was always tempted to scratch it from time to time. Recently, she found out that her scalp looked gross as she has scabs on scalp, the experts at describes it best. She told me that she wanted to go to a dermatologist and I said that it is okay. What I did not know that she was actually inviting me to come with her. I was busy that time and was working on the scheduling tours of my business and I was not paying that much attention to what she was saying. When I finished my work, I was surprised that she already left my office.

I got out of my office and I saw Jake just hanging out in the waiting area. I asked him if he saw my girlfriend and he said that she left angry with me. I was puzzled because I really did not know because she did not ask me directly. In my defense, I also was so buried with my paperwork about the tours. Jake laughed at me and he told me that I should not tell my justifications to my girlfriend and instead, I should just call her immediately and apologize.

I tried calling Tasha twice and she was not answering. Jake told me to try again that maybe the third time is the charm and it was. She answered my call and she was surprised about my prompt apology. I told her that it was because of Jake’s advice. She mentioned that it takes me a few days before apologizing and she laughed. She asked me when could I accompany her and I told her that I could take a leave because it is Jake’s time to manage our office. I asked her about her location and I told her that we could go this afternoon to visit her dermatologist if she wanted to. She was glad that I was really going to take time off to come along with her. She told me to pick her up at the coffee shop that we frequent and we should just have a quick lunch and then head off to the clinic.

We just decided to eat at the coffee shop to save time. I asked her if she already called the doctor’s secretary to check if all the slots are full. She forgot about it and told me that we should just hurry eating because it is just a few minutes away from our current location. We were surprised that there were no patients. We said hi to her doctor and then she asked Tasha what brought her this time. She told the doctor about her dry scalp and it has been bothering her all summer long. Her doctor instructed her to use milder shampoos as a dry scalp remedy. She also gave her a free sample of a ketoconazole shampoo what she should use every day until her symptoms fade away. We thanked the doctor and we told her that we would come back next week for Tasha’s next consult.