Month: July 2014

My Old Friend, Ray

I’m not much of an animal person and Tasha loves cats and dogs.  She currently has a male Persian cat named Ross.  He’s a combination of black and white color and you’ll really know where he’s gone because you’ll find coat sheds everywhere he went. She often brings Ross to the shop and let him roam outside, around the dirt.  I told her not to make him roam around as much because he can be contaminated with parasites like roundworms as cats love to lick their paws off after walking around.  She finds it funny that I know things about cats as I don’t have any pets of my own.  I told her that I used to have a college roommate who became a veterinarian.  His name is Ray and he told me that he has a clinic at St. Paul, Minnesota.  He also invited me to drop by his clinic whenever I’m there and he will tour me around the city. He just found me last week on Facebook and he often tells me stuff about animals, even if I’m not really interested.  She teased me on why did I remember the roundworms in cat thing if I wasn’t that engrossed.  I countered that I just have a good memory.  She just smiled and looked for Ross because she wants to wipe off his paws with a wet tissue.
Later this evening, I messaged Ray and told him about my girlfriend’s pet Ross.  He was pleased that I was listening when he told me about parasites about cats and stuff.  He also warned me about pancreatitis in cats because they are quite common as of late.  It is a condition wherein the cat’s pancreas gets inflamed thus it may leak enzymes causing the cat to have severe abdominal pain. The cause of it may be often linked to physical injuries and on a very rare occasion, a disease called toxoplasmosis, which is an infection caused by a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii wherein the cats are usually the living hosts.  Signs and symptoms include lethargy or sleepiness, loss of appetite, dehydration and increased respiratory rate.  Using ultrasound to diagnose pancreatitis is the best way to confirm the condition.  Treatment is usually fluid and electrolyte therapy coupled with some pain medications.  Sometimes, they also prescribe steroids and antibacterials for more advanced cases.
Ray reminded me to tell the signs and symptoms to Tasha to prevent her cat from further complications as it is easier to treat the disease if found in the early stage.  I told Tasha about it and asked me to always talk to Ray about her cat.  I told her maybe we can visit him at St. Paul next month as I am getting burnt out here in Minnewaska for always working long hours.  She agreed and so excited for our next road trip.  She mentioned that she’ll bring Ross for a checkup with the veterinarian.  I’m glad that Ray found me on Facebook as I always see him as a true friend.