Month: September 2014

Getting Back in Shape

Today is a very busy day in my shop as we have all of our slots booked for the day. We even have lots of walk-ins inquiring about our services. It is very unfortunate that two of my staff are absent, so Jake and I have to accommodate some of our customers. Jake and I have been so accustomed to just doing the paper works for the shop, so we have a hard time coping about going back to the field again. We both had to accommodate two slots, which we simultaneously entertained and that led us both with pain in right arm. It was really bad because we could not move our arms as much. We got ourselves some pain relievers for pain, so we could still move around the shop.

When we are resting, we told each other about our separate experiences because we both realized that we are out of shape. Jake told me that he had an even worse experience because he had itchy armpits, which he tried his best to ignore because he did not want our customers to know about it. I told Jake that we need to hire more staff and he agreed about my plan. He told me that he would post on our Facebook page later that we are hiring more staff for the shop. He also suggested that we get in shape to prevent things that happened earlier.

Tasha just came in our office and she noticed that Jake and I are so tired. She asked us about what happened and we told her that we had to work extra hours today because some of our staff are absent. She laughed at us and she called us old men because we could not handle hours of kayaking that we were used to do when we are younger. She asked if there are more tours because she would gladly accommodate them. I checked the slots and told her that in thirty minutes, there would be a couple who wanted to avail of our services. I added that we would gladly let her because all of our energies are already spent for the last few hours.

When Tasha left, Jake and I reminisced about what we used to do a few years back and we both agreed that we need a change of lifestyle. I told Jake that I observed that he has been smoking more sticks of cigarettes than he used to and he said that he has been so stressed about many things. He added that it is his only outlet for his stress. On the other hand, Jake pointed out that I have been stress eating lately and it shows on my tummy. I told him that Tasha and I have been used to eating midnight snacks for already a month to keep me awake because I still have paperwork to do. We both made a pact that we would try to gain our old shape back. I suggested that we do it right away so we would not procrastinate as much.