Month: November 2014

Kayak Fishing

Jake, my friend and consultant for the shop wanted me to kayak and try getting catfishes on it this weekend. I asked if he was serious because I don’t think that the kayak can handle getting big catfishes on the river stream nearby. He told me that he was dead serious as he already packed his gears including a few rods, catfish bait, sinkers and rigs. He shared that there was someone who caught an 80 pound catfish in just a kayak. I told him I’ll come with him, but only as a spectator. He agreed as he told me not to forget my camera with a telephoto lens to capture the scene.

We had planned to go out to the river before 6am but both of us woke up late. I called him up to ask if he is still up for it and he told me yes. He dropped by my house after an hour and he helped me load up my kayak, paddle and photography gears. He brought his new shiny, red, big pickup truck and I joked that we should just do off road driving instead. He just stared at me smirking and shaking his head as we drove up to the river. We arrived at the river and saw some people also fishing. They were friendly too, giving us tips and techniques about kayak fishing, telling us that they used to do that but it was much harder than using a boat. Jake smiled as we carried our kayaks and gears. He was really into it as he was making me hurry, but I needed more time for precautionary measures to prevent my camera from getting wet as I’ve saved lots of money just to buy a lens with a high aperture for better speed and better shot quality. It took me a minute or two as I saw Jake paddling away from the shores.

I followed suit as I quickly paddled to Jake’s direction. He was really having so much fun as he threw his first bait. He had this smile like a child’s who just had his first trip to a candy shop, like there’s nothing that can happen that will spoil that moment. I told him that he better not get a pictus catfish with that bait as we both chuckled. I enjoyed the scenery as I used my camera shooting landscapes and portrait of people passing by on a boat. I used to be a hobbyist photographer back when I haven’t owned a kayak business.   Hours gone by, as the smile on Jake’s face are slowly fading as we wade over the cold, murky waters. It’s been 3 hours and he still caught nothing. We both decided to stop and rest for a while beside his truck. An old man approached us and asked how was Jake’s fishing. He told us that there are techniques applied to kayak fishing like parking in the water beside a riffle that flows off the rapids. He reminded us not to anchor, but we have to hold the kayak in shallow rocks or weeds and then cast within the fast water and let the water current find fish for you. Jake was so thankful for the tip and told him that he’s going to do that next time as he calls it a day for now because was so tired.