Month: May 2015

Drunk Adventures

Last week, I was so careless that I went kayaking drunk. I did not know that happened, but I think that I just needed a new adventure in my life because plain kayaking was not that fun anymore. I had a freak accident and I fell on huge rocks on a river stream. I was so drunk that I have not had enough time to react quickly. I was almost knocked unconscious and I am glad that my friends were not drunk and they were able to save me. They got me to the hospital as fast as they could. They brought me to the emergency room and told the doctor about what happened. The doctor examined my eyes and my whole body and he saw some scratches that I got from the fall. Most scratches that I got is on the left part of my body. He asked me if I could move it and I could, but it was so painful. He also asked me about how many bottles of beer did I drink. I told him that I could not remember and he just smiled at me. He then asked my friends about it and they told him that I drank ten bottles.

The doctor told me that I need an x-ray and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI for my shoulders because it looked like that it took all my fall’s impact. The doctor also asked my friends to wait in the lobby, while they wait for the reception to book me my own room. It took me sometime for the MRI because I had tattoos on my chest and it would affect the image that they will get and it will also give me a burning sensation. They put a cold and wet cloth over my tattoo to alleviate the pain that I might feel, but it still burned as hell. I wondered what I would feel if they have not put on a cold and wet cloth over my inks.

It took me an hour before I could finally get to my room and see my friends. I was surprised to see my mom also inside the room. My friends looked like they were scolded by my mom because they were so quiet. My mom hugged me as soon as I entered the room. She asked me about my condition and I told her that am just feeling pain all over my body, especially a pain between shoulder blades and pain in left shoulder. She told me that she is glad that I am okay, but she made me promise that I would not go kayaking drunk again. She thanked my friends for rescuing me and she also reminded them to scold me whenever I try something stupid again and we all laughed. I asked my mom if my dad already knows about what happened and she told me that she would tell him when I am already out of the hospital. My dad has a hypertension and we do not want him to have elevated blood pressures ever again.

Baby on Board

It is a very nice and wonderful occasion to have to welcome a new addition to your ever growing family, most especially if you are the one who is directly responsible for it. I am not talking about me but about my one and only sister in this world, who just last month gave birth to her first child, an amazingly cute little baby boy.

They have been waiting for this event for how many years already. They both really thought that they will not have a child anymore based on what have been explained to them by their doctors. They both had been tested for it and it was my sister, unfortunately, whose body was at fault.

They had already accepted the fact of it and were already resigned to not having a child of their own. Although it was a big blow to their morale, especially to their relationship, they thankfully managed to put things into perspective and saw things just as they are.

They instead, were planning to adopt a child four years into their marriage and then this baby happened to them. Well let’s just say they were very much happy as happy can get, especially my sweet little sister who cannot believe it herself. It seems that miracles do tend to happen when you least expect it, even if you have already given up hope on something, there is always a way.

Well they prayed very hard for it believing it could still happen, so maybe prayers do help a lot in the scheme of things. I do not know how it happened, and certainly the odds are stacked very high for it to happen to them, but I am just very happy for them that it did.

What they are worried about now is vastly very different from the things that they were worried about back then. What used to be worries of having a child now turned into worries on how to properly care for one, as they are totally clueless on it, with this being their first time doing so.

They had already figured about feeding cycles and the irregular schedules of the baby the hard way. Breastfeeding thankfully came naturally with my sister as well as the proper way of bathing the baby, among other things, and they already knew about newborn growth spurts from reading it on the internet. So maybe they are on the right track it may seem.

Now they are dealing with newborn diarrhea and the ramifications of it. They are a little bit afraid of it as the baby just cries and cries when it happens, but I trust they know what to do with situations like this. Just now they were planning on having the baby checked by a doctor so I guess they are really on the right track.

Anyways, if they do need any help about anything that they cannot manage, I am just a phone call away and I will do anything I can just to make sure all of them are fine. That’s just how brothers are.