What’s going on everyone, Shawn Olsen here. I live in the great city of Minnewaska, Minnesota. I grew up and always love to live in this city. I cannot imagine myself living anywhere else. I love to kayak! So, it was only natural that I own my own kayak rental shop. My kayak business has been in business for over 5 years now. Business is booming nowadays but it was not always this way. The first year that I was in business, I actually has a loss. It was rough times. I remembered living each week on a $500 budget and eating instant ramen noodles. But having my own business was all worth it because with big risks comes with big reward. I came up with a business plan where I can drive more business and traffic to my shop. I created online profiles on facebook, post pictures of my kayaks on instagram and also created my own kayak rental website that made it easy for people to book a kayak. After all of those changes, I started to make my first real profit in 3 years. It took a long time but it was worth the wait. In addition, I also give tours to tourists on my kayaks on the weekend to make extra income. I am even considering hiring two or three more people to give guided tours on my kayak. Many people who came onto my tours on our kayaks always say it was the best money spent to check out the beautiful sceneries here in Minnesota.