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Fun Things to Do in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is the twelfth largest area in the United States of America, spanning 86,939 square miles. It is one of the healthiest states, and also has one of the highest literacy rates in the country. The twin cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis are home to more than half the state’s population, thus leaving the sparsely populated countryside available for suburban lifestyles, and more importantly, the state’s agriculture.

Minnesota is also home to a wide host of activities, and has a healthy tourist industry. First and foremost, the state is known for its affinity with sports. Minnesota has men’s teams in all major sports. The metro is especially famous for at least three of its sports stadiums: Target Field, Target Center, and Xcel Energy Center. A new stadium is also currently under construction to replace the old Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

Minnesotans have a reputation as outdoorsmen, and this part of their culture is obvious in their weekend activities. The northern half of Minnesota in particular attracts many fitness enthusiasts, as the region is largely dedicated to recreation. The state is dotted with good places for boaters, canoeists, kayakers, and fishermen. One of the most popular water activities is water skiing; a sport which originated in Minnesota. It shouldn’t be surprising that Minnesota is fond of water sports however, as there are over 11,000 lakes dotting the territory.

Come winter, many Minnesotans do not cease their outdoor spirit. Even tourists who come in the summer have reason to return in the winter, when lakes freeze over and the people turn to ice hockey, ice skiing, and ice fishing. Some facilities even sport snowboarding equipment and snow tubes for extreme sports athletes.

The intimacy between Minnesotans and the outdoors has also turned much of the population into environmentalists in their own right. Surroundings are almost always spotless, allowing even busier parts of the metro to look pleasing to the eyes. The state is also proud of its natural parks such as Niagara Cave; located in Harmony, and sporting a sixty-foot waterfall, a diverse collection of fossils, and even a wedding chapel. Larger parks include forest reserves such as the Superior Natural Forest, the Chippewa Natural Forest, and the Hill River State Forest. The southern half of the state boasts Amish communities that are always welcome to tourists.

Of course, not everyone is as capable as others of staying outdoors for too long. Minnesota is a great place to unwind as well, taking things indoors at the Mall of America. This massive complex hosts hundreds of stores and entertainment sections including an indoor theme park. A number of zoos and wildlife exhibits are open to the public in many of the cities as well, and art centers such as Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis or the Graffiti Graveyard in Duluth serve to please the more aesthetic personality.

After a day of adventuring and touring, sometimes, it is nice to just unwind and relax. A nice bike ride through the city can cool even the hottest heads in the summer. Some may even take their bikes out at night, or for real enthusiasts, along with them for their tours. Provided the rider follows regulations, Minnesota is one of the safest places in the United States to ride a bicycle.

Minnesota is a place where anyone can literally enjoy anything. Whether one is a rugged outdoor junkie, or a relaxed indoors person more interested in arts and exhibits, the state has something to offer. The only real danger is never wanting to leave again.

Kayak Fishing

Jake, my friend and consultant for the shop wanted me to kayak and try getting catfishes on it this weekend. I asked if he was serious because I don’t think that the kayak can handle getting big catfishes on the river stream nearby. He told me that he was dead serious as he already packed his gears including a few rods, catfish bait, sinkers and rigs. He shared that there was someone who caught an 80 pound catfish in just a kayak. I told him I’ll come with him, but only as a spectator. He agreed as he told me not to forget my camera with a telephoto lens to capture the scene.

We had planned to go out to the river before 6am but both of us woke up late. I called him up to ask if he is still up for it and he told me yes. He dropped by my house after an hour and he helped me load up my kayak, paddle and photography gears. He brought his new shiny, red, big pickup truck and I joked that we should just do off road driving instead. He just stared at me smirking and shaking his head as we drove up to the river. We arrived at the river and saw some people also fishing. They were friendly too, giving us tips and techniques about kayak fishing, telling us that they used to do that but it was much harder than using a boat. Jake smiled as we carried our kayaks and gears. He was really into it as he was making me hurry, but I needed more time for precautionary measures to prevent my camera from getting wet as I’ve saved lots of money just to buy a lens with a high aperture for better speed and better shot quality. It took me a minute or two as I saw Jake paddling away from the shores.

I followed suit as I quickly paddled to Jake’s direction. He was really having so much fun as he threw his first bait. He had this smile like a child’s who just had his first trip to a candy shop, like there’s nothing that can happen that will spoil that moment. I told him that he better not get a pictus catfish with that bait as we both chuckled. I enjoyed the scenery as I used my camera shooting landscapes and portrait of people passing by on a boat. I used to be a hobbyist photographer back when I haven’t owned a kayak business.   Hours gone by, as the smile on Jake’s face are slowly fading as we wade over the cold, murky waters. It’s been 3 hours and he still caught nothing. We both decided to stop and rest for a while beside his truck. An old man approached us and asked how was Jake’s fishing. He told us that there are techniques applied to kayak fishing like parking in the water beside a riffle that flows off the rapids. He reminded us not to anchor, but we have to hold the kayak in shallow rocks or weeds and then cast within the fast water and let the water current find fish for you. Jake was so thankful for the tip and told him that he’s going to do that next time as he calls it a day for now because was so tired.

Drunk Adventures

Last week, I was so careless that I went kayaking drunk. I did not know that happened, but I think that I just needed a new adventure in my life because plain kayaking was not that fun anymore. I had a freak accident and I fell on huge rocks on a river stream. I was so drunk that I have not had enough time to react quickly. I was almost knocked unconscious and I am glad that my friends were not drunk and they were able to save me. They got me to the hospital as fast as they could. They brought me to the emergency room and told the doctor about what happened. The doctor examined my eyes and my whole body and he saw some scratches that I got from the fall. Most scratches that I got is on the left part of my body. He asked me if I could move it and I could, but it was so painful. He also asked me about how many bottles of beer did I drink. I told him that I could not remember and he just smiled at me. He then asked my friends about it and they told him that I drank ten bottles.

The doctor told me that I need an x-ray and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI for my shoulders because it looked like that it took all my fall’s impact. The doctor also asked my friends to wait in the lobby, while they wait for the reception to book me my own room. It took me sometime for the MRI because I had tattoos on my chest and it would affect the image that they will get and it will also give me a burning sensation. They put a cold and wet cloth over my tattoo to alleviate the pain that I might feel, but it still burned as hell. I wondered what I would feel if they have not put on a cold and wet cloth over my inks.

It took me an hour before I could finally get to my room and see my friends. I was surprised to see my mom also inside the room. My friends looked like they were scolded by my mom because they were so quiet. My mom hugged me as soon as I entered the room. She asked me about my condition and I told her that am just feeling pain all over my body, especially a pain between shoulder blades and pain in left shoulder. She told me that she is glad that I am okay, but she made me promise that I would not go kayaking drunk again. She thanked my friends for rescuing me and she also reminded them to scold me whenever I try something stupid again and we all laughed. I asked my mom if my dad already knows about what happened and she told me that she would tell him when I am already out of the hospital. My dad has a hypertension and we do not want him to have elevated blood pressures ever again.

Vacation Gone Wrong

I recognized the efficiency of my staff and the hardships they endured the past few years, so I planned a two day vacation with them. I set it up on a weekday as I couldn’t afford numerous customers coming our way on weekends. I planned us to go on a trekking trip and horseback rides as I know that they are sick of being in the water for so long. We’re going to Afton State Park and it’s about a two hour car ride and approximately 163miles away from here. This trip will also serve as our sort of team building event to make us more bonded. This is going to be very exciting as we are also going camping outside with our tents and the stars watching us by. Tasha and Jake also decided to come along with us.

The trek and the horseback ride were so fun and exciting, but at the same very tiring as the morning sun was directly over us. We were under the sun for over two hours and found some of my staff got sunburned. I didn’t know what happened because they usually have sunblock lotions to protect themselves for the dangerous ultraviolet rays that the sun is pouring all over us. Their skin was so red and swelling with pain. I asked our tour guide if they have a clinic nearby to attend to some of my staff who got burned. He told me that there was a clinic nearby, but due to financial problems of the park, they can’t sustain the funding for it so it was closed until further notice. He added that there is a canteen nearby that can help us.

I wondered what a canteen can do to help with sunburn, so my staff and I walked towards it and then I saw a lady with an apron and greeted her. She smiled back and asked us what she can do for us. I showed her the sunburns of my staff and she told us to wait for a while and we were lucky that she had stock of it. We were so puzzled by what a canteen has got to do with sunburn. She returned with a bottle of vinegar for sunburn and gave us instructions on how to apply it. I was a bit surprised about the remedy that she was telling us about, but we didn’t have a choice, so I asked my staff to try it because they have nothing to lose anyway. The lunch lady also added that it has antibiotic properties as it soothes the skin so it’s really a good remedy for sunburn. My staff were in awe that it really worked. We thanked the lady who helped us and we offered to pay for it but she politely refused. She also reminded us to not peel or prick the burnt skin to avoid further infections. Too bad we had to cut our vacation short. We just decided not to spend so much time under the sun to not further aggravate their conditions. All in all, it was a good trip and we also learned something good.

Unexpected Trip to the Hospital

Last week, I had an episode of severe pain in the side and back, below my ribs. Recently, I also had a hard time urinating. It caused me a great deal of concern as I told it to my girlfriend Tasha. Since she’s a Biology Major, she had some medical background and told me to calm down because we’re still not sure about my condition. She suggested that it is best to get me a consult to examine my problem. She knew some people working at the local hospital and tried to ask for a contact number for a good doctor. She got me a doctor named Dr. Johnson. I called the doctor’s office to make an appointment. I had it scheduled tomorrow, late afternoon, so I don’t have to leave the shop with many customers as I don’t want them to burden them with my absence.

We got into the hospital and were told by the receptionist that we wait for a few minutes because the doctor is still with a patient. Tasha and I waited for a few minutes until we saw a man getting out of the clinic while thanking the doctor. I saw a glimpse of the doctor; he was short, balding and wearing glasses. He seemed to be lenient as he joked with his last patient. After a few seconds, I was called by the receptionist and was told that I can get it. I asked her if I can bring my girlfriend inside and she nodded.

The doctor introduced himself as we greeted him. He asked about why I wanted a consult and I told him of my severe back pains and problems with urination. He asked where exactly is the pain located while tapping my back and I said there it is. He thought for a while and told us that he needs me to get a urinalysis and a blood work-up from the laboratory. He told me that it will just take me a few minutes to get my urine and blood, but the results may take up an hour or so depending on how many samples that the laboratory were examining. He added that I shouldn’t panic as it’s best to know what I’m dealing with that not knowing it at all.

We went to the laboratory to give them a sample of my blood and urine and then hang out in the hospital’s canteen to wait for my results. I was still concerned, but Tasha pacifies me by saying that it just might be a urinary tract infection. After a few hours, I got my results and went back to the doctor. His eyes seemed happy when he was reading it. He told me that it wasn’t as bad as we thought because some of my symptoms pointed to what do kidney stones feel like. He added that it has been just a urinary tract infection that could be treated with a week’s worth of antibiotics. I was so relieved with what I’ve heard and thanked him profusely. He also reminded me to always drink water every hour even if I’m not thirsty as to excrete toxins from my body.

Wanted: Tour Guide

I hired a new staff last week and I must say that he’s really getting the hang of it. I just trained him for a few hours and he already learned most of what I taught him. His name is Lloyd and he used to be a perfume salesman. I know that it is a stretch on hiring him because he doesn’t have any experience about kayaking, but there is something in him that I can’t grasp, and I know he’s going to be great with my shop. We still haven’t tried him go kayaking because we are still educating him on what he needs to do. This weekend, I’m planning to go out with with Lloyd, Jake and Tasha to finally let him try to kayak.

We started as early as 6am as there are less people there to not make him conscious when he makes a mistake. What I want to teach him first is how to balance and then how to paddle properly. He was struggling with his balance as I saw him tumbling down the water a number of times before he finally got it right. His paddling was superb as it was in a consistent good form, and I applaud him for that being a first timer. It took him almost an hour before he can really do it right and we were surprised that he learned that fast. After a few hours of practicing, I finally called it a day as I’m also tired. When Lloyd was carrying his paddles to the truck, I noticed that he was walking awkwardly and was favoring his right foot. He told me that he got a sprained foot or a sprained ankle when he tumbled earlier in the water, but he assured me that he is okay. He also shared that he experienced tingling on his feet while he was paddling earlier. I told him that he is just not used to kayaking yet, but he will slowly gain endurance and I’m sure of it because I told him that I used to feel that too when I was a newbie in kayaking. I talked to Lloyd for a while alone and told him that I appreciate his toughness in enduring his injuries to train, but it’s not advisable to do so. I added that I’m happy that he is now a part of our team and I’m looking forward to train with him again after his sprain full heals.

Tasha and Jake advised him to ice his sprain immediately to avoid further aggravation. I added that he should elevate his feet for better blood circulation for a faster recovery. Lloyd took our advice seriously and his injury healed in less than a week. I’m glad that I took a gamble on hiring him even without any prior experiences in our field. Now, I know what made me hire him. We’re a bit similar in terms of toughness as I saw him paddling without any expression of pain. I look forward to working with him and I hope he become better as the days go on.

Shocking Diagnosis

Lately, I have chronic back pain. I did not know about the reason and Tasha thought that it would be because of my old bed. She had been nagging me to change it because its springs were broken. Last month, I had lower back pain. It went away, but then last week, I had pain in the middle of my back. It is very frustrating because I was scheduled to host two kayaking tours today. Luckily, my consultant Jake arrived early in the office and I told him about my situation. I asked him a favor that he could not refuse because I was scheduled to give a tour to his friends. He was planning just to sit back and wait for us here in the office, but he did not have a choice so he got his gears ready.

Meanwhile, I called Tasha and I told her about my back problems. She asked me about my plans to alleviate the pain on my back. I told her that I already took pain pills, but they were not working as much as I hoped to. She told me that she saw a newly opened clinic downtown and they offer chiropractic adjustments and accupuncture. I laughed at her because I thought that she was kidding and she told me that it worked for her mom when she had chronic back pain years ago. I asked her about the procedure and she told me that with acupuncture, I just needed to lie down and the doctor would insert very thin needles on pressure points and I would not feel a single thing. I was surprised about it because I did not know that she knew all those things before. On the other hand, the chiropractor would just give me spinal or manual manipulations on my back depending on my needs. I was still reluctant about coming over for the alternative treatments, but she was persuading me about it and telling me that I have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

We went to the clinic and the receptionist told us that the doctor is coming in late because there is an accident on his way down the clinic, but she assured us that he is coming any minute now. Soon enough, the tall, young man rushed entering the clinic. He greeted us and apologized for being late. He told me that he is Dr. Harper and it would just take him a minute before he could be available for my consult. I told him that he should take his and he thanked me. After a few seconds, the receptionist told us that we could come in and we did. The doctor asked about what brought me in his clinic and I told him about what happened. He asked me to lie down on the bed and he inspected my spine. He told me that it has a slight curvature. He asked me if I have scoliosis. I told him that it could be a major reason about my recent back pains. I told him that it is the first time that someone told him about his back. He suggested getting an x-ray first to confirm before he could give me proper treatments.

Looking Back

I remember during the early years of my business, I was so depressed and frustrated and I couldn’t do anything right. Almost all of my saved up money for years were just going the drain in just seconds. I had many sleepless nights as I always thought of my worries and if I got lucky to find some sleep, I suffer bad nightmares that I just find myself shouting as I got up. I even tried drowning myself with alcohol, which just magnified my problems. The gravity of it was too much for me as I was also experiencing anxiety chest pain which led me consulting a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Both of them agreed that taking some anxiety supplements may help me as I was too deep in my misery.

My best friend Jake and my girlfriend Tasha helped me go through it. Jake was the one responsible for turning over a new leaf for my business as he has lots of knowledge in marketing as he was a business major in college. He helped me study the flaws and the feasibilities of the shop. He also helped me get a better marketing ploy for the business like putting up ads in newspapers and on internet blogs, forums and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ which did wonders for the business. If not for him, I’ve already filed for a bankruptcy. I really owe him a lot.

Tasha, on the other hand, helped me deal with my feelings as I try as much as possible to push them within me. I initially wanted to just keep it in me to not bother anyone but me because in the first place, it was my idea to put up the said business. My mindset was I did this to me so I’ll try to deal with it myself. I tried to stay up float, but I can’t do it anymore. I kept sinking and sinking until I was out of it. I am glad that Tasha was there to cheer me up and help me divert my attention to other things like getting acquainted with my old hobby which was photography.

My dad was my first mentor in photography as I always accompany him on his nature trips. He always brings his old, analog SLR camera with a bunch of films and he shoots whatever he sees interesting all day. He also brought me a disposable camera for me to practice on framing. I was a fast learner so he then taught me how to use his SLR and I loved it. He first taught me about the basics like shutter speed, aperture, rule of thirds, metering and exposure. He was so delighted that he can enjoy photography with me. I was just 10 years old then when he gave me my first camera. Since then, it doesn’t matter anymore on where I am, in the streets, beaches, markets, etc. I just shoot and shoot until I got better. My passion with taking photographs ended when I started with my business. I also owe a lot to Tasha what I have now. He made me see the world anew. I am a very lucky guy as God gave me good company to defy everyday challenges in life.


I remember when I had an accident a few weeks ago when I was too stupid to get drunk while kayaking. I had nasty cuts and bruises all over my body. The doctor advised me to rest my body before I could return to my normal work routine. He also prescribed me some antibiotics that I should take after meals because it would help my wounds heal faster and also some over the counter pain relievers to deal with the pain. After just a day of taking the medicines, I noticed that I have metal taste in mouth, for more explanation on what I mean check it out here. I thought that I was just having problem with my gums and teeth, so I went to my dentist and had a cleaning done. The dentist told me that my teeth are clean and it does not have something to do with my weird metal taste. When I got home, I noticed that they were gone, but after dinner, it recurred. It was getting alarming and annoying because I do not have a clue about what is going on with myself.

I told my girlfriend, Tasha about it and she told me that she used to experience salty taste in mouth and we both wondered if they are connected. She suggested that I go to the hospital first thing in the morning to see my doctor to consult my condition. I agreed, but I asked her about what did she do about her salty taste back then. She told me that she just ignored it and it faded away.

We went to the hospital to talk to my doctor. He was surprised to see me because he thought that I am having problems with my injuries about my accident. I told him about the weird taste in my mouth and he apologized because he told me that he should have told me about the side effects of the antibiotics that he prescribed me. I am so relieved to know about it. He added that once I stop taking them, it would gradually fade away. My girlfriend also told the doctor about her salty taste back then if it is connected with metal tastes and the doctor told us that they could not be but we still need tests to confirm. He added that it is called dysgeusia. He told us that the most common cause for salty taste is being dehydrated. My girlfriend finally understood because she told us that she used to be so busy with her work that time and she did not had time to hydrate herself.

Before we leave, the doctor reminded me to brush my teeth after meals and also scrape my tongue to offset the side effect of the medicine that I am taking. He also added that I could use a mouthwash for better results. He is also nice enough to tell my girlfriend to advise her about her past symptom. He told her to keep herself hydrated and avoid caffeine drinks like soda, tea and coffee because it would cause her to pee often.

A Trip to the Pet Shop

Tasha’s niece’s birthday is fast approaching so she was wondering if I can come along with her to search for a perfect gift for the kid. Her name is Brandy and she’s turning 7 years of age. I told her that I can only accommodate her after my working hours as we were fully booked on our tours. We agreed to meet in the mall at 6pm. I tried to finish all the paper works in the shop because I don’t want to be late. I surprised myself that I was already finished by 5pm so I had time to spare to stroll around the mall alone. At exactly 6pm, Tasha called asking when I am. Her tone seemed mad as she thought that I was still in the shop working. She was delighted to know that I was in the mall 30 minutes earlier. I told her that tried searching for Brandy’s gift but all I was a measly old doll that I know that her niece has tons of them. Tasha and I agreed that the gift should be better than a doll as we walked across a pet shop. We went inside and we were sure that a pet would definitely be a better gift than a doll.

We asked around and they told us that 7 year old can take care of rabbits, hamsters, hedgehogs, mice or dogs. Tasha decided to get her a bunny instead, but the problem was there were so many bunny breeds to choose from. Thankfully, the salesman was so good to us that he walked and helped us get through the tedious task of deciding. He mentioned that there are many varieties of breeds like lionhead bunnies, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Dutch, Dwarf Hotot, Mini Lop, Mini Satin, Netherland Dwarf, and Polish. We leaned into choosing the single mane lionhead because they are very cute, cuddly, curious, active and very playful. Tasha knows that Brandy will like that kind of pet. She will also enjoy brushing her mane every day. We carefully decided on what color to choose to make Brandy even happier. We got her a male bunny with a solid blue color because Tasha told me that it’s her favorite.

The salesman also taught us on how to care for bunnies. He told us that they aren’t that hard to take care of as even little kids can do it. They just need the basics like water, food, exercise and occasional grooming. Their food can be bunny pellets or raw vegetables such as lettuce leaves or slices of carrots. Keep in mind that they are prone to have dental issues so refrain from giving them sweets like chocolates or food with high sugar content but they can be given occasionally, fruits such as a slice of apple or pear. He also told us that rabbit cages are essential as you don’t want the bunny to roam around the house and spread its litter. I hope Brandy finds Tasha’s gift appealing as it was well thought of. I wish her a very happy birthday.

Itchy Ears

Jake and I are just messing around in our office because we do not have anything more else to do. Jake already finished making plans for our expansion and finding prospective new locations, while I am already finished looking at our new applicants. It is such a breeze as I just called all of them to schedule their respective interviews for next week. Moments later, I received a call from Tasha. She sounds so worried when she asked me to accompany her to the veterinarian. I try to ask her about it, but she told me that she is in a hurry and she would just tell me all about it in the clinic. She reminded me to meet her at the clinic in an hour and I agreed.

I told Jake about what my girlfriend said and he offered to come with us because he does not have anything important to do anyway. We decided to close the shop early and went on to the clinic. I called Tasha to tell her that we are already on our way. She asked about who is the one who came with me and I told her that Jake wanted to come with us so I just let him accompany me.

Jake and I came earlier than Tasha did, so we just waited outside the clinic. Jake lit up a cigarette, while I just watch people passing by. After a few minutes, we saw Tasha came down from her car with her dog. She hugged me and she told us about what happened to her dog. She said that it has been a while since she saw her dog scratching his ears. She just found out earlier that her dog has many broken skins and lesions around his ears. I asked her about what does she think about the condition of her dog. She told me that she does not have a clue about it that is why she is so worried and she decided to go to the veterinarian immediately.

We came in with her dog and she asked the secretary of the veterinarian if there are more slots that are available for the day. Fortunately, the patient who booked the slot for this hour did not come, so the secretary told us that we could fill in the spot. Tasha is so happy with the development. Tasha asked Jake and me to accompany her inside, but Jake told her that he would just smoke outside. Tasha and I went inside with her dog and saw the doctor. She told the doctor about what happened. The doctor looked at the dog’s ears and he told us that he might have a yeast allergy inside his ears. He got a piece of cloth and a bottle of cleaning solution and cleansed the dog’s ears. The doctor also prescribed allergy medicine for dogs to prevent further itching to lessen his broken skin and lesions. He reminded Tasha to give the dog antifungals and antibiotics every meal for a week to help him get better. He added to always clean his wounds so it wouldn’t be infected.

Getting Back in Shape

Today is a very busy day in my shop as we have all of our slots booked for the day. We even have lots of walk-ins inquiring about our services. It is very unfortunate that two of my staff are absent, so Jake and I have to accommodate some of our customers. Jake and I have been so accustomed to just doing the paper works for the shop, so we have a hard time coping about going back to the field again. We both had to accommodate two slots, which we simultaneously entertained and that led us both with pain in right arm. It was really bad because we could not move our arms as much. We got ourselves some pain relievers for pain, so we could still move around the shop.

When we are resting, we told each other about our separate experiences because we both realized that we are out of shape. Jake told me that he had an even worse experience because he had itchy armpits, which he tried his best to ignore because he did not want our customers to know about it. I told Jake that we need to hire more staff and he agreed about my plan. He told me that he would post on our Facebook page later that we are hiring more staff for the shop. He also suggested that we get in shape to prevent things that happened earlier.

Tasha just came in our office and she noticed that Jake and I are so tired. She asked us about what happened and we told her that we had to work extra hours today because some of our staff are absent. She laughed at us and she called us old men because we could not handle hours of kayaking that we were used to do when we are younger. She asked if there are more tours because she would gladly accommodate them. I checked the slots and told her that in thirty minutes, there would be a couple who wanted to avail of our services. I added that we would gladly let her because all of our energies are already spent for the last few hours.

When Tasha left, Jake and I reminisced about what we used to do a few years back and we both agreed that we need a change of lifestyle. I told Jake that I observed that he has been smoking more sticks of cigarettes than he used to and he said that he has been so stressed about many things. He added that it is his only outlet for his stress. On the other hand, Jake pointed out that I have been stress eating lately and it shows on my tummy. I told him that Tasha and I have been used to eating midnight snacks for already a month to keep me awake because I still have paperwork to do. We both made a pact that we would try to gain our old shape back. I suggested that we do it right away so we would not procrastinate as much.

My Old Friend, Ray

I’m not much of an animal person and Tasha loves cats and dogs.  She currently has a male Persian cat named Ross.  He’s a combination of black and white color and you’ll really know where he’s gone because you’ll find coat sheds everywhere he went. She often brings Ross to the shop and let him roam outside, around the dirt.  I told her not to make him roam around as much because he can be contaminated with parasites like roundworms as cats love to lick their paws off after walking around.  She finds it funny that I know things about cats as I don’t have any pets of my own.  I told her that I used to have a college roommate who became a veterinarian.  His name is Ray and he told me that he has a clinic at St. Paul, Minnesota.  He also invited me to drop by his clinic whenever I’m there and he will tour me around the city. He just found me last week on Facebook and he often tells me stuff about animals, even if I’m not really interested.  She teased me on why did I remember the roundworms in cat thing if I wasn’t that engrossed.  I countered that I just have a good memory.  She just smiled and looked for Ross because she wants to wipe off his paws with a wet tissue.
Later this evening, I messaged Ray and told him about my girlfriend’s pet Ross.  He was pleased that I was listening when he told me about parasites about cats and stuff.  He also warned me about pancreatitis in cats because they are quite common as of late.  It is a condition wherein the cat’s pancreas gets inflamed thus it may leak enzymes causing the cat to have severe abdominal pain. The cause of it may be often linked to physical injuries and on a very rare occasion, a disease called toxoplasmosis, which is an infection caused by a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii wherein the cats are usually the living hosts.  Signs and symptoms include lethargy or sleepiness, loss of appetite, dehydration and increased respiratory rate.  Using ultrasound to diagnose pancreatitis is the best way to confirm the condition.  Treatment is usually fluid and electrolyte therapy coupled with some pain medications.  Sometimes, they also prescribe steroids and antibacterials for more advanced cases.
Ray reminded me to tell the signs and symptoms to Tasha to prevent her cat from further complications as it is easier to treat the disease if found in the early stage.  I told Tasha about it and asked me to always talk to Ray about her cat.  I told her maybe we can visit him at St. Paul next month as I am getting burnt out here in Minnewaska for always working long hours.  She agreed and so excited for our next road trip.  She mentioned that she’ll bring Ross for a checkup with the veterinarian.  I’m glad that Ray found me on Facebook as I always see him as a true friend.

It’s not Me, It’s her

My girlfriend Tasha came into the shop today to ask a favor from me. He wanted me to accompany her to a dermatologist because she is experiencing breakouts on her face and scalp. She told me that maybe the cause of it is stress as she also has been dealing with her thesis defense for the past few months. She had been revising it for months and it was really taking her down with it. She is a Biology Major and she is pursuing to be a doctor specializing in cardiovascular diseases as her dad died of stroke because of hypertension. She had many regrets about now knowing a thing or two about her dad’s disease and now, she thinks that being a doctor, she can help people and increase awareness about it.

I asked Tasha the location of the clinic of the dermatologist and she told me that it is far. I asked about how far it is and told me that it’s like two hours away from here. Before I could say anything, she rushed to tell me that she’s one of the best dermatologists in the country and of course, I want the best for my girl. I didn’t have anything to say so I just smiled and ask her when we are going. She uttered that she will try to book an appointment later and she’ll update me as soon as she knows. Tasha also showed me her breakouts on her face and scalp. She told me that it is scalp acne and she doesn’t want those big, nodular acne to appear so she really wants a treatment as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, I told Jake, the shop’s consultant, that I might need to be absent for a day as I need to accompany Tasha to the dermatologist so he can clear up his schedule to be in the shop. I also reminded him about the tours and the payment process that the clients wanted. He asked if I am also getting a consult and my whole staff and Tasha cracked up.   I told them that I’m not going to be near any of the doctors. I just don’t like what happened last time when my sister asked me to come along. This happened to me a few years ago. My sister was so desperate to have me accompany her because she is timid and coy. She wasn’t used to talking to other people that much. Our mom bailed on her as she was needed in her office, some corporate stuff that I didn’t have a clue. Anyway, my sister and I went for a consult and she let me talk to the dermatologist on her behalf, but apparently, I gave the doctor the notion that I was the one asking for the treatment and not my sister. The doctor almost made me go into their room for the treatment and my sister was so shy about telling the doctor that it was her for the consult and not me. I was mad at her for that, but now, looking back, it was really funny.

Myer-Briggs Type Indicator for my Business

Jake asked me if I know about the Myer-Briggs Type indicator test or MBTI and I told him that Tasha used to nag me about taking it and until now, I haven’t. It even caused us a nasty fight as I was against silly type of things. Jake laughed and he told me that businessmen love it because it enables them to determine where to put a certain person which job post. Jake added that it would be useful for us when hiring people for our shop. I was intrigued with what Jake said and told him that I’ll research about it when I have a spare time tonight to know what the fuss is about.

I found out that it was made by a mother and daughter tandem of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers which they patterned after Carl Jung’s ideas who is a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist from Switzerland. The MBTI has four dichotomies with which they tried to capture people’s psychological preferences. The four dichotomies are Extraversion versus Introversion, Sensing versus Intuition, Thinking versus Feeling and the last, but not the least, Judging versus Perception. All in all, they are about 16 combinations that we can get by just choosing one between those four dichotomies.

Through research, I’ve learned that INFJ relationships is better suited to being a photographer, psychologists, musicians, artists, medical doctor and dentists because they basically just don’t need a job per se, but at the same time, they want satisfaction and fulfillment on what they do. INFJ’s are normally driven, optimistic and have strong problem solving skills. They do have strong value systems, and persistent intuitive visions. They are best when positioned as leaders than just following orders. They have the penchant to look at the bigger picture. They are happiest when they are able to help other people and has the need to hear that they appreciated the things what he did for them.

On the other hand, I’ve learned that INFP relationships are better suited with being a scholar, a musician, a religious worker, a teacher, a priest, an entrepreneur or a writer because they always have the need to feel that everything they do in their lives is in accordance with their strongly-felt value systems as like the INJF, they like to have a purpose in life. INFP’s have always been afraid of risks as they tend to be calculated with their movements. They do not act before planning carefully and methodically.

There are still 14 other types of MTBI that I need to explore and, I think, I will need more time to absorb this information more thoroughly. From a businessman’s standpoint, I’ve learned that it is ideal for a better team and leadership development, to resolve conflicts and for career planning and career transitions. I now understand what Jake was telling me, but before I apply this to my small company, I still have to study it further so I can really use it to my advantage.