I remember when I had an accident a few weeks ago when I was too stupid to get drunk while kayaking. I had nasty cuts and bruises all over my body. The doctor advised me to rest my body before I could return to my normal work routine. He also prescribed me some antibiotics that I should take after meals because it would help my wounds heal faster and also some over the counter pain relievers to deal with the pain. After just a day of taking the medicines, I noticed that I have metal taste in mouth, for more explanation on what I mean check it out here. I thought that I was just having problem with my gums and teeth, so I went to my dentist and had a cleaning done. The dentist told me that my teeth are clean and it does not have something to do with my weird metal taste. When I got home, I noticed that they were gone, but after dinner, it recurred. It was getting alarming and annoying because I do not have a clue about what is going on with myself.

I told my girlfriend, Tasha about it and she told me that she used to experience salty taste in mouth and we both wondered if they are connected. She suggested that I go to the hospital first thing in the morning to see my doctor to consult my condition. I agreed, but I asked her about what did she do about her salty taste back then. She told me that she just ignored it and it faded away.

We went to the hospital to talk to my doctor. He was surprised to see me because he thought that I am having problems with my injuries about my accident. I told him about the weird taste in my mouth and he apologized because he told me that he should have told me about the side effects of the antibiotics that he prescribed me. I am so relieved to know about it. He added that once I stop taking them, it would gradually fade away. My girlfriend also told the doctor about her salty taste back then if it is connected with metal tastes and the doctor told us that they could not be but we still need tests to confirm. He added that it is called dysgeusia. He told us that the most common cause for salty taste is being dehydrated. My girlfriend finally understood because she told us that she used to be so busy with her work that time and she did not had time to hydrate herself.

Before we leave, the doctor reminded me to brush my teeth after meals and also scrape my tongue to offset the side effect of the medicine that I am taking. He also added that I could use a mouthwash for better results. He is also nice enough to tell my girlfriend to advise her about her past symptom. He told her to keep herself hydrated and avoid caffeine drinks like soda, tea and coffee because it would cause her to pee often.