Itchy Ears

Jake and I are just messing around in our office because we do not have anything more else to do. Jake already finished making plans for our expansion and finding prospective new locations, while I am already finished looking at our new applicants. It is such a breeze as I just called all of them to schedule their respective interviews for next week. Moments later, I received a call from Tasha. She sounds so worried when she asked me to accompany her to the veterinarian. I try to ask her about it, but she told me that she is in a hurry and she would just tell me all about it in the clinic. She reminded me to meet her at the clinic in an hour and I agreed.

I told Jake about what my girlfriend said and he offered to come with us because he does not have anything important to do anyway. We decided to close the shop early and went on to the clinic. I called Tasha to tell her that we are already on our way. She asked about who is the one who came with me and I told her that Jake wanted to come with us so I just let him accompany me.

Jake and I came earlier than Tasha did, so we just waited outside the clinic. Jake lit up a cigarette, while I just watch people passing by. After a few minutes, we saw Tasha came down from her car with her dog. She hugged me and she told us about what happened to her dog. She said that it has been a while since she saw her dog scratching his ears. She just found out earlier that her dog has many broken skins and lesions around his ears. I asked her about what does she think about the condition of her dog. She told me that she does not have a clue about it that is why she is so worried and she decided to go to the veterinarian immediately.

We came in with her dog and she asked the secretary of the veterinarian if there are more slots that are available for the day. Fortunately, the patient who booked the slot for this hour did not come, so the secretary told us that we could fill in the spot. Tasha is so happy with the development. Tasha asked Jake and me to accompany her inside, but Jake told her that he would just smoke outside. Tasha and I went inside with her dog and saw the doctor. She told the doctor about what happened. The doctor looked at the dog’s ears and he told us that he might have a yeast allergy inside his ears. He got a piece of cloth and a bottle of cleaning solution and cleansed the dog’s ears. The doctor also prescribed allergy medicine for dogs to prevent further itching to lessen his broken skin and lesions. He reminded Tasha to give the dog antifungals and antibiotics every meal for a week to help him get better. He added to always clean his wounds so it wouldn’t be infected.