Shocking Diagnosis

Lately, I have chronic back pain. I did not know about the reason and Tasha thought that it would be because of my old bed. She had been nagging me to change it because its springs were broken. Last month, I had lower back pain. It went away, but then last week, I had pain in the middle of my back. It is very frustrating because I was scheduled to host two kayaking tours today. Luckily, my consultant Jake arrived early in the office and I told him about my situation. I asked him a favor that he could not refuse because I was scheduled to give a tour to his friends. He was planning just to sit back and wait for us here in the office, but he did not have a choice so he got his gears ready.

Meanwhile, I called Tasha and I told her about my back problems. She asked me about my plans to alleviate the pain on my back. I told her that I already took pain pills, but they were not working as much as I hoped to. She told me that she saw a newly opened clinic downtown and they offer chiropractic adjustments and accupuncture. I laughed at her because I thought that she was kidding and she told me that it worked for her mom when she had chronic back pain years ago. I asked her about the procedure and she told me that with acupuncture, I just needed to lie down and the doctor would insert very thin needles on pressure points and I would not feel a single thing. I was surprised about it because I did not know that she knew all those things before. On the other hand, the chiropractor would just give me spinal or manual manipulations on my back depending on my needs. I was still reluctant about coming over for the alternative treatments, but she was persuading me about it and telling me that I have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

We went to the clinic and the receptionist told us that the doctor is coming in late because there is an accident on his way down the clinic, but she assured us that he is coming any minute now. Soon enough, the tall, young man rushed entering the clinic. He greeted us and apologized for being late. He told me that he is Dr. Harper and it would just take him a minute before he could be available for my consult. I told him that he should take his and he thanked me. After a few seconds, the receptionist told us that we could come in and we did. The doctor asked about what brought me in his clinic and I told him about what happened. He asked me to lie down on the bed and he inspected my spine. He told me that it has a slight curvature. He asked me if I have scoliosis. I told him that it could be a major reason about my recent back pains. I told him that it is the first time that someone told him about his back. He suggested getting an x-ray first to confirm before he could give me proper treatments.