Unexpected Trip to the Hospital

Last week, I had an episode of severe pain in the side and back, below my ribs. Recently, I also had a hard time urinating. It caused me a great deal of concern as I told it to my girlfriend Tasha. Since she’s a Biology Major, she had some medical background and told me to calm down because we’re still not sure about my condition. She suggested that it is best to get me a consult to examine my problem. She knew some people working at the local hospital and tried to ask for a contact number for a good doctor. She got me a doctor named Dr. Johnson. I called the doctor’s office to make an appointment. I had it scheduled tomorrow, late afternoon, so I don’t have to leave the shop with many customers as I don’t want them to burden them with my absence.

We got into the hospital and were told by the receptionist that we wait for a few minutes because the doctor is still with a patient. Tasha and I waited for a few minutes until we saw a man getting out of the clinic while thanking the doctor. I saw a glimpse of the doctor; he was short, balding and wearing glasses. He seemed to be lenient as he joked with his last patient. After a few seconds, I was called by the receptionist and was told that I can get it. I asked her if I can bring my girlfriend inside and she nodded.

The doctor introduced himself as we greeted him. He asked about why I wanted a consult and I told him of my severe back pains and problems with urination. He asked where exactly is the pain located while tapping my back and I said there it is. He thought for a while and told us that he needs me to get a urinalysis and a blood work-up from the laboratory. He told me that it will just take me a few minutes to get my urine and blood, but the results may take up an hour or so depending on how many samples that the laboratory were examining. He added that I shouldn’t panic as it’s best to know what I’m dealing with that not knowing it at all.

We went to the laboratory to give them a sample of my blood and urine and then hang out in the hospital’s canteen to wait for my results. I was still concerned, but Tasha pacifies me by saying that it just might be a urinary tract infection. After a few hours, I got my results and went back to the doctor. His eyes seemed happy when he was reading it. He told me that it wasn’t as bad as we thought because some of my symptoms pointed to what do kidney stones feel like. He added that it has been just a urinary tract infection that could be treated with a week’s worth of antibiotics. I was so relieved with what I’ve heard and thanked him profusely. He also reminded me to always drink water every hour even if I’m not thirsty as to excrete toxins from my body.