Vacation Gone Wrong

I recognized the efficiency of my staff and the hardships they endured the past few years, so I planned a two day vacation with them. I set it up on a weekday as I couldn’t afford numerous customers coming our way on weekends. I planned us to go on a trekking trip and horseback rides as I know that they are sick of being in the water for so long. We’re going to Afton State Park and it’s about a two hour car ride and approximately 163miles away from here. This trip will also serve as our sort of team building event to make us more bonded. This is going to be very exciting as we are also going camping outside with our tents and the stars watching us by. Tasha and Jake also decided to come along with us.

The trek and the horseback ride were so fun and exciting, but at the same very tiring as the morning sun was directly over us. We were under the sun for over two hours and found some of my staff got sunburned. I didn’t know what happened because they usually have sunblock lotions to protect themselves for the dangerous ultraviolet rays that the sun is pouring all over us. Their skin was so red and swelling with pain. I asked our tour guide if they have a clinic nearby to attend to some of my staff who got burned. He told me that there was a clinic nearby, but due to financial problems of the park, they can’t sustain the funding for it so it was closed until further notice. He added that there is a canteen nearby that can help us.

I wondered what a canteen can do to help with sunburn, so my staff and I walked towards it and then I saw a lady with an apron and greeted her. She smiled back and asked us what she can do for us. I showed her the sunburns of my staff and she told us to wait for a while and we were lucky that she had stock of it. We were so puzzled by what a canteen has got to do with sunburn. She returned with a bottle of vinegar for sunburn and gave us instructions on how to apply it. I was a bit surprised about the remedy that she was telling us about, but we didn’t have a choice, so I asked my staff to try it because they have nothing to lose anyway. The lunch lady also added that it has antibiotic properties as it soothes the skin so it’s really a good remedy for sunburn. My staff were in awe that it really worked. We thanked the lady who helped us and we offered to pay for it but she politely refused. She also reminded us to not peel or prick the burnt skin to avoid further infections. Too bad we had to cut our vacation short. We just decided not to spend so much time under the sun to not further aggravate their conditions. All in all, it was a good trip and we also learned something good.