Wanted: Tour Guide

I hired a new staff last week and I must say that he’s really getting the hang of it. I just trained him for a few hours and he already learned most of what I taught him. His name is Lloyd and he used to be a perfume salesman. I know that it is a stretch on hiring him because he doesn’t have any experience about kayaking, but there is something in him that I can’t grasp, and I know he’s going to be great with my shop. We still haven’t tried him go kayaking because we are still educating him on what he needs to do. This weekend, I’m planning to go out with with Lloyd, Jake and Tasha to finally let him try to kayak.

We started as early as 6am as there are less people there to not make him conscious when he makes a mistake. What I want to teach him first is how to balance and then how to paddle properly. He was struggling with his balance as I saw him tumbling down the water a number of times before he finally got it right. His paddling was superb as it was in a consistent good form, and I applaud him for that being a first timer. It took him almost an hour before he can really do it right and we were surprised that he learned that fast. After a few hours of practicing, I finally called it a day as I’m also tired. When Lloyd was carrying his paddles to the truck, I noticed that he was walking awkwardly and was favoring his right foot. He told me that he got a sprained foot or a sprained ankle when he tumbled earlier in the water, but he assured me that he is okay. He also shared that he experienced tingling on his feet while he was paddling earlier. I told him that he is just not used to kayaking yet, but he will slowly gain endurance and I’m sure of it because I told him that I used to feel that too when I was a newbie in kayaking. I talked to Lloyd for a while alone and told him that I appreciate his toughness in enduring his injuries to train, but it’s not advisable to do so. I added that I’m happy that he is now a part of our team and I’m looking forward to train with him again after his sprain full heals.

Tasha and Jake advised him to ice his sprain immediately to avoid further aggravation. I added that he should elevate his feet for better blood circulation for a faster recovery. Lloyd took our advice seriously and his injury healed in less than a week. I’m glad that I took a gamble on hiring him even without any prior experiences in our field. Now, I know what made me hire him. We’re a bit similar in terms of toughness as I saw him paddling without any expression of pain. I look forward to working with him and I hope he become better as the days go on.